Sustainability Policy

At The Path Less Wasteful, being a sustainable brand that helps our customers to reduce their plastic usage and have a more eco-friendly lifestyle is at the heart of what we stand for. Just stocking sustainable products isn’t enough, we work hard to ensure that the entire process from our suppliers, to us and on to you, our customers, is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Environmental Values:

Helping people move toward a more sustainable lifestyle will always be at the heart of The Path Less Wasteful. Here’s what we are doing to be a more sustainable business:

  • Use recyclable packaging to send our products
  • Our packaging is made from recycled materials or reused/repurposed from supplier or personal deliveries
  • We source our products from sustainable suppliers 
  • Work with our suppliers to have our products sent in plastic-free packaging where possible
  • Recycle all of our waste where possible, if this is not possible we ensure that it is disposed of responsibly

Animal Welfare Values:

The Path Less Wasteful is a 100% Vegan Company, here’s what we do to protect animals:

  • Never stock anything that contains or uses animal products or by-products in its production
  • Never buy from a supplier who to our knowledge tests on animals
  • We never have any animal products within our stock area, so you can be sure there will never be traces of animal products found.

How we are sustainable in our home & business:

  • Our family is Vegan, therefore we do not consume, wear or use any items that contain animal products. (Did you know that going Vegan is the largest personal change you can make with regards to your environmental impact?)
  • We make conscious decisions on purchasing, considering sustainability, product origins, materials, ethics, air miles, wastage and packaging when choosing items to buy personally or to stock in our shop.
  • We use electricity from a 100% renewable energy supplier to power our home and work area/stock storage.