Wooden Rainbow Toy – Contemporary


Perfect for on trend nurseries a wooden rainbow in contemporary, gender neutral, colours. Ideal for the modern nursery, this traditional wooden toy is handmade and fair trade.
Ideal for open ended play, this range of wooden rainbow stackers can be used as bridges, fences, tunnels and can be stacked and balanced.

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These toddler toys make perfect pre-school educational toys and provide endless imaginative play opportunities. An ideal gift!

Fair trade. Safety tested as suitable from birth and painted with non-toxic paints. The wood used is upcycled and sustainably sourced.

Please note. these rainbows are handmade so they are not as uniform as wooden rainbows made in a factory. They may not sit flat on the shelf and there may be gaps between the arches. This does not mean its faulty, it means its handmade from scratch so can not be uniform. Each wooden rainbow toy is unique and individual just like rainbows themselves!

Approximate dimensions: 28.5cm x 2.5cm x 14cm
Please note this product is handmade so dimensions can vary and are given as a guide only.

Materials:  Sustainably sourced wood

Age Suitability:  Safety tested as suitable from birth but recommended from approx. 18 months +

Best Years’ sustainable wooden toys are handmade in Sri Lanka by skilled artisans.  All of the wooden toys are safety tested and painted with non-toxic paints.

These wooden rainbow stacking toys are presented in a cardboard box, not wrapped in plastic.


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