Vegetable Brush (FSC 100%)


Clean your veggies easily, the plastic-free way, with this Ecoliving Vegetable Brush, made from FSC certified beech wood, stiff union fibre bristles, and softer Tampico bristles. This vegetable cleaning brush has natural bristles so any scrubbing won’t result in any microplastics from entering waterways and the ocean. Allow the brush to dry out between uses.

Gently clean vegetables without peeling off the healthy, vitamin-rich layers. This is a really useful brush to have if you grow your own veggies or buy direct from the farm, to clean off any soil before preparing. This vegetable brush has two sides – a dark side, with hard natural union bristles for tougher vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, then a gentle side with lighter tampico bristles to clean more delicate vegetables with thinner skins such as peppers and tomatoes. This brush has multiple uses around the home as a household scrubbing brush. When the brush is worn out, compost it with your garden waste.

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Handmade in Germany with FSC® certified beech wood and natural Tampico fibre (vegan) bristles. 100% plastic-free & biodegradable.

Measuring – 9.5 x 3.8cm


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