Vegan Reusable Wax Wraps – Twin Pack. 1 x Medium + 1 x Large Waxyz Wraps


The ideal alternative for single use plastic wraps, reusable Waxyz are perfect for wrapping sandwiches , snacks or covering a bowl to keep your food fresher longer.

Pack contains 1 x medium wrap and 1 x large Waxyz wrap, both co-ordinated from their bright and colourful range.
The medium wrap measures 28 cm x 24 cm. The large wrap measures 32 cm x 32 cm.

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Reusable Vegan Waxys Food Wraps are made from organic Indian cotton printed with unique designs in the UK and coated with vegan-friendly wax by Dundee specialists Halley Stevensons. Unlike beeswax wraps Waxyz don’t have any smell or sticky residue and are perfect for wrapping sandwiches, bread and leftovers.

To care for your Waxyz after use wash them in warm soapy water then rinse under the cold tap before leaving them to dry naturally for about 20 minutes. If cared for properly, Waxyz will last for more than a year and can be recycled in your compost bin or as an ideal fire-lighter for a bbq.

Waxyz designs are bright, colourful and gender-neutral.


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