Silicone Stretch Lids – 6 Pack


The perfect alternative to clingfilm. These super stretchy silicone lids will keep your food fresher for longer.

These silicone lids handle anything. From covering bowls, cans, jars and half cut fruit like melon or even your half cut onion. No mess, no waste.

The most eco friendly lids on the market. Replace your plastic food containers with these reusable silicone stretch lids and make a positive impact today.

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– Set of 6 sizes (6.5cm, 9.5cm, 11.5cm, 14.5cm, 16.5cm, 20.5cm)
– FDA approved food grade silicone
– Freezer & microwave safe
– Dishwasher safe on top shelf
– Fresh lock lid
– BPA Free
– Adjustable to various sizes and shapes



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