Pregnancy Pamper Box


This Pregnancy Pamper Box is just what you need for a relax and recharge when growing another little human! It would also make a brilliant gift to a pregnant friend who needs a little treat. Includes a travel wash kit (ideal for your birth bag), wax melts, a bath soak, and a pack of 3 bath bombs. PLUS – your choice of a luxury conditioner bar or a massage lotion bar, perfect for stretched skin. (Please specify choice in order notes)

Individual Cost – £29.90 vs Bundle Price – £22.50 (Save 7.40/24%)

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  • These handmade wax melts have excellent scent through and their lovely character is a guarantee for making your home feel even more cozy. Pop them in your wax warmer, cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy the happiness hormone flooding your body.
  • The Indulgent bathing product has been handcrafted by The Natural Spa to create a bath soak that will leave your skin feeling irresistibly soft whilst helping to release aches and to help you fully indulge your bath.
  • The mess-free essential oil bath bombs will help you to create the ultimate relaxing experience. These bath bombs are packed full of Epsom salts, essential oils and clay to help you enjoy your bath to the fullest.
  • Ideal to pop in your birth bag, this on the go kit provides you with the products you need to freshen up, wherever you are.

Plus a choice of Hair Conditioner or Massage Bar/Stretch Mark Lotion Bar (Please specify in order notes)

  • This luxury conditioner bar is designed to boost the appearance and feel of your hair whilst also reducing your plastic usage. This bar is universal, meaning it suitable for all hair types.


  • This zero-waste plastic-free, solid body lotion bar is made with pure cocoa butter to moisturise and regenerate tired or dry skin. You can use this bar anywhere you would normally use a liquid lotion – as a face cream, a stretch mark cream or even as a massage oil.


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