Natural Coconut Wood & Husk Bottle Cleaning Brush


These coconut wood bottle brush handles are a sustainable by-product made from coconut trees that no longer bear fruit, giving new life to a wood that would have otherwise been discarded. Likewise, the coconut husk or fibre is sustainably grown and harvested. It is wrapped around a stainless steel, bendable, metal wire for easy cleaning

The coconut wood and husk bottle brushes are non-scratch and durable, usable on products such as bottles, plates, cookware, and cutlery.

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Size – They can slightly range in size, as they are handmade, and can be around 28-30cm long

This product is vegan and non-toxic and the wood and husk are biodegradable

Care for your coconut wood by lightly oiling with coconut oil or natural oil of preference as needed



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