Biodegradable Home Compostable Cat Litter Tray Liners – 10 Pack


These eco-friendly cat litter tray liners are the perfect plastic-free swap. They contain no traditional petrochemical plastic, just eco-friendly bioplastic made from 100% vegetable matter. They are completely plastic-free, leak-proof and are made from 100% organic materials. Because they are made from natural materials they can breakdown to nothing, no microplastics left behind. You can even compost them if you have a home compost bin – just make sure to get rid of the cat waste separately first.

Most cat litter liners are made from toxic plastic and will just breakdown into microplastics. These eco-friendly, biodegradable cat litter liners are produced from responsibly farmed, renewable, vegetal resources and are certified fully compostable to EN13432. They are both home and industrially compostable. As proof, they carry the OK compost (Home) and seedling logo 7P2018.

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  • Biodegradable cat litter liners
  • Easy litter box cleaning
  • No harmful plastic
  • 10 liners per pack
  • To fit a standard cat litter tray
  • Compatible with all litter
  • 100% made from plants
  • Super strong and durable
  • Leakproof
  • Very low carbon footprint
  • Made in a zero-waste facility powered by wind energy
  • EU &US Certified and tested as safely compostable (just dispose of the cat waste separately)
  • The packaging is also 100% plastic-free
  • 56 x 44 x 31cm



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